Ornella Stingo
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Ornella Stingo was born in Rovigo in 1971.
Her father Ugo is an award-winning Neapolitan painter (Golden Medal 1970 by Republic Italian President G.Saragat - www.ugostingo.com )
She graduated from Secondary School in Naples and  has been participating in exhibitions since 1988.
Between 1991 and 1994 she worked as a freelancer for leading advertising agencies and Publishers, creating for example, the illustrated posters for the G7 meeting (Naples 1994).
She moved to Bologna in 1999 where she established an ateliér and devotes her full time to painting and creating interior designs (trompe l'oeil).
Her versatility allows her to move easily between different techniques and  to  reproduce any artist's work (www.falsidautore.net).
Her ten-year experience in painting portraits and still lifes led her to specialize in a  realistic-style and to create oil paintings resembling photos (www.ornellastingo.com).
Her experience draws prominent customers as Philippe Daverio, Roberto Baggio, Lucio Dalla, two portraits of Gwynet Palthrow for PENTHOUSE Suite at Capri Palace Hotel and many others.
Between 2007 and 2009 she exhibited in several shows as FAIR ART IMAGINE (REGGIO EMILIA), BERGAMO ART FAIR, ART VERONA and ART INNSBRUCK.

Ornella Stingo - Via Riva di Reno 80/f 40122 Bologna (Italia) - tel. 051 6569764 - P.IVA: 00872081203